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Skate Sharpening

Hockey Skates
Maximize your Hockey Skating performance with a custom Hockey Skate Sharpening by one of our specialized Pro Shop and Skate Sharpening Technicians. $8
Goalie Skates
Precision, custom Goalie Skate Sharpening by one of our specialized Pro Shop and Skate Sharpening Technicians to match your style. $10
Figure skates
Competitive Figure Skates require extra diligence and attention to ensure a smooth even finish, without removing too much material. Competitive Figure Skate  Sharpening is done by our Master Sharpener and may require a day or two. $15
Recreational Figure Skates can be sharpened by any of our qualified technicians. $  8

Skate Repairs

Skate Boot Stretching
Everyone has an individual foot shape. Wide, narrow, big and small. Depending on your foot shape you may need some extra help getting the right fit for your skates. Our process involves multiple steps and may require up to an hour of your time, and potentially an overnight stay for your skates. $49
Install New Holder & blade Assembly
Bring new life to your skates. $34 &up
Install New Blade only
Skate blades eventually wear out from sharpening. Fortunately, most skate blades can be replaced. $49 &up
Install New Rivets
Loose rivets not only affect performance, but it can also affect safety. have loose rivets replaced as soon as you find them. $2 &up
Install New Eyelets
Damaged eyelets can damage laces, or worse, cause damage to the integrity of your skate boot. $3

Equipment Repairs

Stitch Repairs
Don’t let a failed stich be the reason you buy a new piece of equipment, We can often repair stitches to make your equipment last for many more years. $9 &up
Hockey Sticks
Thanks to our partnership with Integral Hockey, we can repair that expensive stick and provide you with a lifetime guarantee on the repair. $65


Sanitize & deodorize a full set of player equipment $29.20 +Tax
Sanitize & Deodorize a full set of Goalie Equipment


Just a pair of Gloves or Skates? No problem. $7.08 +Tax

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We fully stand behind out work and offer a full satisfaction guarantee. If you're not fully satisfied with us, please let us know and we'll make it right.

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All our locations have access to our expert repair technicians. If they can't fix it onsite, we can send it to someone who can. No need to be running around.

Straight Answers

We're always willing to help a fellow skater in need. If you have questions about sharpening, maintenance or repairs, ask us ! It will be our pleasure to help.


Send us a message, one of our trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.

UPDATED September 27th, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 (CORONAVIRUS) outbreak, all our locations are currently closed.

For Health, Safety & logistics reasons the towns of Aurora & Stouffville have asked us to remain closed for the time being in order minimize the risks of transmitting COVID-19.

The City of Markham has yet to open the Milliken MIlls facility, and we remain closed there until further notice also.

We trust our community leaders are doing what's best for their individual communities, and we are more than happy to do our part by supporting their effort in trying to protect their constituents.

In light of these circumstances, We are, understandably, forced to cease operations until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we are certain our great customers will understand the situation.

You are welcomes to reach out to us by phone (1-888-739-5329) if you have any questions or concerns.

We hope to see you all soon.